Tips On How To Make Money From Home Through Freelance Writing

If you like writing, you really should consider the possibility of learning how to make money from home by writing for various websites or publications. This is definitely a dream job for those that enjoy writing since they can just stay at home doing what they love. At the same time, they can earn money. However, it is also a career path that presents challenges. The truth is that most writers will not make a lot of money. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t earn more. Let us consider some important tips that help you to earn more.

how to make money with Freelance writing

1. Know what you’re good at.

This is definitely the most important tip on how to make money from home as a writer that you will ever receive. It is crucial that you experiment with many different writing types and that you see what you like and what you are good at. In most cases these two go hand in hand. Our recommendation is to read as many details as possible and to experiment with SEO writing, book writing, content writing, copywriting and press release writing.

2. What is your rate?

Nobody will ever hire you if there is similar quality at a lower price offered by someone else. Keep in mind that when you learn how to make money from home by writing, you have to price your services accordingly. This is especially true when you are just starting out. Unfortunately, most beginners ask for too much. Make sure that you ask for a good price so that you can build your portfolio. When people start coming to you, the price can be higher. As an example, if the market you are involved with has an average price of $10 per page, you can easily charge $8 per page for portfolio purposes.

3. Use freelancer sites.

All sites that teach you how to make money from home will recommend that you try to find work through freelancing sites. You are protected as you are sure you will be paid and the money that can be made is very good. The system is really simple. You just bid a price and present your portfolio. If the employer likes your work, you will be hired and a good rating can be obtained. This is a great starting point that will help you to eventually charge a lot more money.

4. Ensure quality.

The English language is tough to learn even for a native writer. You would be surprised to learn how many mistakes are made without you even realizing it. Try to read as many grammar books as possible and see all the common mistakes that are made. In addition, invest time in proofreading your work! At the very least, double-check your work.

5. Get referred.

Always make sure that you leave a good impression. This is due to the fact that people will recommend your services to friends or colleagues. It is a really important part of the entire process as you have to build a continuous client base.

After learning how to make money from home through writing, make sure to follow these tips. It’s the quickest way to success!


Why Part Time Job is Always Better than Full Time

A Part Time job is an employment where people work for 4 hours a day or lesser hours. Some people take up the part time job after failing to get full time job. Mostly part time jobs are done by students, housewife’s and retired professionals who can’t devote their whole time to the full time job. Even there’re lots of online jobs where we can work for few hours and earn. Like you can work as a content writer, form filling job, data entry job etc where no extra qualification is required. Also you can sell online products or can work as a freelancer with any company. If you are doing online part time job then you don’t have to rush to office early morning you can schedule work as per your convenience. Don’t think a part time job is an easy job here also a hard work and dedication is required. Part Time Jobs is Better Part time job during college days let you know what are your interest and your skills. In western countries lots of students do part time jobs while completing their education, they take any type of jobs even they don’t mind taking a job as a dish cleaner. All this is just to earn that extra dollar. In India also many people I have seen doing two jobs in a day I mean after completing their full time job go for a part time job. Even some work as a financial advisor or as a consultant or takes tuition after office hours. But Part time job is better that the full time job. Below are some of the advantages:-

Flexible timing

In part time job you get more time than full time job. Students doing part time job can attend their college as well as after college can do part time work. Also they get time for their studies and other extracurricular activities. Many times mothers also find it difficult to juggle in between office job and home so a part time is a better option for them also. Mothers working part time can look after their kids and work when their kids are in school. You might not earn like a full time job but at least you earn something. Something is better than nothing. Also mothers working part time can save money on the day care. You can check this list of part time jobs with flexible timing.

Career growth

Those who want to pursue further education be it a mother or a student part time job is better option. Students while taking their education can find a part time job in the same field of their career. This will just add a plus point in their resume after their education. The theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge is even better for a career growth. Students working as a part timer can show their sincerity, hard work in the job and after their studies completion there are chances that they might be offered a full time job. Even those doing the full time job who wants to pursue further education an additional certification to reach the upper level in career, can look out for a part time job and continue their professional training. By this you are doing job, earning money as well as gaining the knowledge. Even mothers who are working as a part timer don’t have to worry about their career break. As a part time job also keeps them updated about the technology and the new aspects. Also after their kids grow up they can join again as a full time employee they don’t have to worry as already they were working as part timer and are not outdated.

Financial freedom

Part time job gives student the financial freedom. The extra money earned can be used for their further education or to support their family. Even the money earned can be used as pocket money to fulfil all their college days’ wishes. Nowadays many students go to abroad for their further education which is costly not all parents afford or nor all are able to take loans. So for all those interested in going abroad for their studies a part time job is better option. They can have some handsome income. Even the mothers doing part time job can give the family financial support side by side can take proper care of the kids. You may not have a salary like a full time job but don’t forget you are not paying the tax, so again you save your money.

Pursue Hobby

Those who want to pursue any hobby or have any ambition can work as a part timer and fulfil their hobby. Even nowadays retired professionals work as a part time consultant or trainer in their field or have their own consultancy firm. Life after retirement is boring so a part time work is also a better option for retired professionals. Students who can’t do the part time job can look out for a summer vacation jobs. There are many ways to find a part time job the best way is to find online. Also you can open an account on LinkedIn and update your qualification, skills and interest. Also there are companies who hire part timer for a short time project or for a profile where a full time employee is not required.


Best Places To Start Your Career

So, you’re fresh out of college with a brand new degree. If you’re lucky, you may have had some experience while you were in college that related to your chosen degree path. However, if you are like most students, you probably had an unrelated part-time job that does little to help you find a job that matches your degree.

Finding a job at this stage can be overwhelming, especially in the recovering economy. People with more experience are taking lesser-paying jobs that graduates used to be able to get, and it can take over a year for some new graduates to find work in their field. Even with this difficulty, there is still hope. You can find a job as a new graduate, you just have to approach it differently than generations past. In fact, there are four great ways to start a career in the modern business world.

place to start career

Recruitment agencies

A recruitment agency is one of the best places to start looking for a job as a new graduate. Businesses contact these agencies looking for a certain type of employee. The recruiters match the skills of workers with the employers that want those skills. This is a great way to get started working with a job in your chosen career path. If you have specialized training, this path is even more successful.

Temp work

Many employers do not like to hire employees without formal training or experience in their field. This is where temporary work can really help a new graduate out. Temp agencies provide a way for inexperienced workers to get a foot in the door and try out a variety of jobs. Some temporary agencies even offer temp-to-hire jobs, which can lead to a long-term career.


If you can get an internship in your chosen career path during the summers before you graduate, then you will have a much better chance of finding a good job when you finally graduate. Even if you were not able to get an internship ahead of time, however, many companies also offer paid internships to new graduates. An internship can lead to contacts in your field, experience in the job, and can even lead to a full-time position with a company.

Working with people you know

It is 100 times easier to get a job with a company where you know people ahead of time than it is to get a job based on your resume alone. If you know anyone in your career path, ask them for leads to new jobs. This will help you establish your career and network at the same time. If possible, try to find a job in the same office or company as someone you know, especially if they hold a high position with that company.

Finding a job as a new graduate can be overwhelming. It can be discouraging to receive rejection after rejection. However, if you try the above four methods, you should be able to find something in your career path faster than your peers trying old-fashioned employment strategies.