Best Places To Start Your Career

So, you’re fresh out of college with a brand new degree. If you’re lucky, you may have had some experience while you were in college that related to your chosen degree path. However, if you are like most students, you probably had an unrelated part-time job that does little to help you find a job that matches your degree.

Finding a job at this stage can be overwhelming, especially in the recovering economy. People with more experience are taking lesser-paying jobs that graduates used to be able to get, and it can take over a year for some new graduates to find work in their field. Even with this difficulty, there is still hope. You can find a job as a new graduate, you just have to approach it differently than generations past. In fact, there are four great ways to start a career in the modern business world.

place to start career

Recruitment agencies

A recruitment agency is one of the best places to start looking for a job as a new graduate. Businesses contact these agencies looking for a certain type of employee. The recruiters match the skills of workers with the employers that want those skills. This is a great way to get started working with a job in your chosen career path. If you have specialized training, this path is even more successful.

Temp work

Many employers do not like to hire employees without formal training or experience in their field. This is where temporary work can really help a new graduate out. Temp agencies provide a way for inexperienced workers to get a foot in the door and try out a variety of jobs. Some temporary agencies even offer temp-to-hire jobs, which can lead to a long-term career.


If you can get an internship in your chosen career path during the summers before you graduate, then you will have a much better chance of finding a good job when you finally graduate. Even if you were not able to get an internship ahead of time, however, many companies also offer paid internships to new graduates. An internship can lead to contacts in your field, experience in the job, and can even lead to a full-time position with a company.

Working with people you know

It is 100 times easier to get a job with a company where you know people ahead of time than it is to get a job based on your resume alone. If you know anyone in your career path, ask them for leads to new jobs. This will help you establish your career and network at the same time. If possible, try to find a job in the same office or company as someone you know, especially if they hold a high position with that company.

Finding a job as a new graduate can be overwhelming. It can be discouraging to receive rejection after rejection. However, if you try the above four methods, you should be able to find something in your career path faster than your peers trying old-fashioned employment strategies.